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Aluminum pans for United States manufacturers

Advanta is a leading aluminum packaging manufacturer. Its purpose-built headquarters is at the heart of the global foil packaging supply, with the company boasting the widest product portfolio in the industry.

Serving the food industry across the Unites States, our aluminum pans are oven safe, 100% recyclable and heavy duty.

Our customers choose us time and time again, for our knowledge of packaging and food containers and our reliability in delivering high quality foil packaging in the US.  

Our smoothwall trays are suitable for gas flushing, MAP, CAP and vacuum packing, resulting in extended shelf life. The aluminum food containers can be film sealed, or plastic lids can be provided.

We also give our customers the option of lacquered aluminum. Our aluminum pans can be coated in lacquer, for colored branding or corrosion resistance to acidic food groups.

Alternatively, our wrinklewall pans are also suitable for grilling, oven cooking and BBQ, and are not affected by extreme temperatures between -40°C and +400°C.

We also supply dual ovenable board. The strong board design is sturdy even after cooking and its polyester film lining provides an effective leak-proof barrier.

Foil packaging US 

Aluminum food containers are an ideal option for food manufacturers and processors across North America. As the country faces issues surrounding plastic waste, more brands and manufacturers are turning to the long-trusted and valued material, aluminum.

This 100% recyclable material enables sustainable food packaging across the country. Even with a disposable aluminum foil pan, there’s no waste. Aluminum’s super strength and temperature resistance properties mean once you transition to aluminum, you won’t go back.

Aluminum food container

Currently using plastic pans? Check out our smoothwall equivalents to plastic pans guide to make the switch.

Equally, you can download our product brochures from the downloads page, which includes options for tart pans, pie pans, cake pans and other food containers. Alternatively, you can search for your specific requirements on the products page.

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