ISO for the environment

Advanta has achieved ISO 14001 registration. The standard ensures Advanta’s processes for manufacturing aluminium packaging meets the environmental systems, standards and guidelines set by the latest edition of ISO 14001. The company’s full environmental policy is available to view on the Advanta website.

Achieving ISO 14001 standard requires businesses to follow a specific framework that establishes an effective environmental management system (EMS). The internationally agreed standard helps businesses to improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and the reduction of waste from their facility.

Advanta has already launched several schemes to minimise the amount of waste generated from its site. The company also boasts a zero-waste policy for its manufacturing processes, which takes place at Advanta’s Cannock facility. Machines on the shop floor are optimised to reduce cut-away material from the production of aluminium trays. Any scrap that is generated is compacted onsite, before being sold on for recycling.

These practices further emphasise Advanta’s dedication to the environment and ISO 14001. In fact, the company is also a founding member of aluminium packaging recycling board, Alupro — a not-for-profit organisation working to meet and exceed recycling targets for aluminium.

“The newly achieved ISO 14001 standard puts more responsibility on senior management to commit to sustainability,” explained Lorraine Sharkey, quality manager at Advanta. “In fact, with newly added clauses, the new standard includes specific responsibilities for those in leadership roles to promote environmental management in the business.

“With more emphasis on businesses to be more responsible for the environment, it is vital we build upon the high standards of the earlier version of ISO 14001, while transitioning through to the newer version.”

Advanta’s full environmental policy can be viewed on the company’s website. For more information on Advanta’s financial reimbursement scheme for unused aluminium, please contact the company’s European head office directly on +44 (0)1543 460400. Alternatively, please use the contact form on the Advanta website to speak to a local representative.