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  • The truth about bioplastics

    22nd Jul 2019

    Industry pressures to reduce plastic use have been highly publicized — food processors and packers don’t need another article on the damaging effects of plastic waste.

  • Recycling Bins | Advanta Sustainable Packaging

    Is America’s recycling bubble about to burst?

    15th Jul 2019

    Recycling is big business. Last year, recycling earned America a hefty $110 billion in economic activity and is responsible for maintaining 534,000 jobs.

  • aluminium food containers | sustainable food packaging

    Sustainable packaging catfish

    4th Jul 2019

    Catfishing is a phrase to describe when someone creates an online persona that isn’t who they really are. Catfishing in the sustainable packaging sector is similarly deceptive.

  • The red meat tax does not fit the bill

    14th Jun 2019

    If the current modelling of red meat tax is made a reality, red meat would be 20 per cent more expensive, and processed red meat would more than double in price in high-income countries.

  • Producer pays — or producer profits?

    12th Jun 2019

    Popularised by science fiction, the red pill and blue pill are polar opposites.  Take the red pill, and you live a life of brutal truths and harsh reality.

  • Shoppers want convenience, not sustainability

    22nd Mar 2019

    As supermarket giant Tesco axes fresh food counters at 90 of its stores, Miguel Campos of Advanta explains why this isn’t a demonstration of cutting costs, but adapting to customer needs. 

  • Food shelves will be empty in a no-deal Brexit — warn retailers

    8th Mar 2019

    Retailers have warned a no-deal Brexit could leave supermarket shelves empty in the short term. However, the letter has been criticised by MPs as more ‘Project Fear’ than reality.

  • What about aluminium?

    8th Feb 2019

    The Government’s plan, Our waste, our resources: A strategy for England, published in December 2018, is the most comprehensive update to the country’s waste strategy in more than a decade.

  • We eat with our eyes

    5th Feb 2019

    “We eat first with our eyes.” This is a saying with various origin stories. However, it doesn’t really matter who said it first, because modern science has proven that it is true.

  • ISO for the environment

    17th Jan 2019

    Advanta has achieved ISO 14001 registration.