Lacquered foil

lacquered foil | lacquered aluminium | lacquered aluminum

Lacquered foil 

Looking for lacquered aluminum foil trays compatible with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) preservation techniques? You’re in the right place.

Advanta’s lacquered foil trays and pans are the ideal food packaging option for food processors in need of corrosion resistant or highly eye-catching food packaging.

What to expect from Advanta’s lacquered foil containers:

  • Supreme corrosion resistance
  • Expectational branding
  • Compatible with lightweight sleeves and cartons
  • Temperature resistance — from freezer to fire
  • 100 per cent recyclable
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) compatible

Many of Advanta’s customers choose these trays because they are quite simply, a piece of art. For the ready-meal market, brand consistency is everything. A fully branded aluminum tray can make the difference in catching the consumers attention — or not. Do your food products deserve the same premium impression? Absolutely.

Lacquered aluminium pans can be covered in a variety of coating to increase its durability and attractiveness. Ideal for red meat, poultry, desserts and ready meals, these premium aesthetic trays are a popular option.

This packaging is also suitable for food types containing dairy, confectionery and citrus, that have a pH level outside the mid-range of four to nine. Acidic or alkaline food groups can damage food packaging, causing issues with packaging appearance and functionality. Therefore, a protective polymer-based coating can be applied for barrier protection, in the form of a lacquered layer.

lacquered foil | lacquered aluminium | lacquered aluminum

Lacquered aluminum 

Advanta’s lacquered Smoothwall trays have a smooth rim, ideal for film lidding. Check out the range of MAP lidding options to maximize your products shelf life.

Combined with high clarity, high barrier and easy-peel film Advanta’s branded trays and highly functional film is a match made in heaven.

lacquered foil | lacquered aluminium | lacquered aluminum

Lacquered Smoothwall trays 

In many production lines, foil food packaging needs to withstand the rigours of pasteurization and sterilization. Coated aluminium can endure these extreme temperatures, taking away any concerns over corrosion or packaging migration.

Lacquer can be applied to both the inside and outside of the container, depending on packaging specifications. Advanta works closely with its customers to develop a packaging concept that encompasses the customer’s food brand. Choose from a range of colours, add your logo and add embossed elements.

Ready to order lacquered foil trays for your production line?

Speak to Advanta directly on +44 (0) 1543 460 400 or e-mail to discuss the bespoke design for any Smoothwall trays or Wrinklewall trays.