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Advanta’s environmentally sound dual ovenable boards are both recyclable and made from renewable sources. Suitable for use in catering facilities, bakeries and the ready meal manufacturing sector, dual ovenable boards are an aesthetically pleasing and customer friendly recyclable packaging solution.

Manufactured with resources that have been renewed up to seven times, Dual ovenable boards can also be as aesthetically attractive, with various bespoke shapes and colours available.

As well as being a sustainable food packaging option, dual ovenable boards and can provide better versatility than plastic and aluminium alternatives:

  • Ovenable up to 220°C
  • Microwavable
  • Freezable to -40°C
  • Cool to touch when taking out of the microwave or oven
  • Polyester film lining provides a liquid leakproof barrier
  • Strong board design that will not collapse during the cooking process
  • Bespoke shapes and colours available

Ovenable boards from Advanta can deal with extreme temperatures and can be chilled or frozen without the risk of cracking or splitting. Furthermore, board trays are stronger and maintain their shape better when hot, making it safer to remove from the oven.

Moreover, dual ovenable boards act as a natural insulator, keeping your food warmer for longer once out of the oven.

Sustainable food packaging and recyclable packaging

Supermarkets and retailers are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic. Choosing a duel ovenable board from Advanta allows food manufacturers to fulfil this growing demand.

Everything about the dual ovenable board, except for the tray liner, is completely recyclable and recyclable packaging — but it doesn’t falter on strength. The design ensures that the board will withstand the heat during the cooking process proving that sustainable food packaging doesn’t require a compromise.  

Food packaging from Advanta

Dual ovenable boards, as well as our extensive aluminium tray range, are manufactured at our European headquarters, based in Cannock, United Kingdom.

We ensure the highest levels of quality by following a rigorous tested production process.

We boast an extensive range, with a large dual ovenable board having a capacity of 2500 cubic centimetres, and the smallest in the collection providing a 100 cubic centre capacity.

To order packaging from the dual ovenable range or discover other eco-friendly food packaging options, contact the team today. We can provide guidance to help you find the most cost-effective and appropriate dual ovenable board for your food production.

Read more information here, or simply submit an enquiry and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact us on sales@advantapack.com or +44 (0) 1543 460 400.